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Golden Grape ArmAs, LLC

Victoria Aslanian, CEO

18 Aram Khachatryan, 61 apt.

0015 Yerevan

+37499009262; +37411773774

Մեր մասին

ArmAs is revitalizing Armenia’s winemaking legacy by creating elegant wines that stem from one of our country’s best natural resources, the idyllic terroir of the vine. It is no coincidence that Armenia, known as the birthplace of the vine, is also the site of the oldest known winemaking ruins, dating back to 6,100 years. Winemaker Emilio Del Medico has paid homage to this heritage by creating award winning, elegant and distinct wines from estate grown native varieties. ArmAs Estate is a picturesque display of agricultural achievement, set against the backdrop of the inspiring Mount Ararat. The 180 hectares of previously desolate and disconnected rock-strewn countryside was diligently transformed into a stunning panorama including vineyards, orchards, and a world-class winery. The endeavor proudly involved and united hundreds of people from various villages, countries, and backgrounds who continue to teach and learn from one another. The continued realization of the ArmAs Estate is illustrative of progress through guidance and cooperation, and represents the assimilation of tradition with development. Indeed, the ensuing ArmAs wines convey these improvements, and speak especially of the abundant sunshine, volcanic soil, undulating terrain and magnanimous earth of a resilient culture.

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