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Horizon Weekly Newspaper

Vahakn Karakashian, Editor-in-Chief; Executive manager, Sylva Ehramdjian

3401 Olivar Asselin

Montreal, Quebec


Մեր մասին

Horizon Weekly (Հորիզոն in Armenian) was first published in 1979, sharing its birthday with Armenia's first Independence Day, May 28. Born as the official political organ of Canada's Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Central Committee, Horizon was first conceived during ARF Canada's first regional meeting held in 1977. During its first two years, until March 1981, Horizon was run by different editorial boards. In March 1981, a three-member editorial board was established with Vrej-Armen Artinian, Antranik Bedrossian and Levon Benguian. A couple of years later, Vrej-Armen Artinian became the first editor-in-chief and held the title for a decade. Giro Manoyan took over as Horizon's second editor-in-chief until his move to Armenia in 1999. Vahakn Karakashian, then the editor-in-chief of Boston's Hairenik Weekly, was invited to Montreal, and has since been at the helm of the newspaper. Horizon Weekly publishes several supplements, including Horizon Kragan (in Armenian Հորիզոն Գրական) the only Armenian monthly literary publication in the Diaspora. Edited by Vrej-Armen Artinian, this supplement brings together the works of talented writers across the Diaspora. The literary supplement has an editorial committee.

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