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Housaper Daily Newspaper

Zaven Liylozian, Editor-in-Chief

P.O. Box 868


+37498251215; +20225776857

Մեր մասին

Housaper (Armenian: Յուսաբեր, IPA: [husɑˈpʰɛɾ, husɑˈbɛɾ]) is an Armenian language And Arabic daily published in Cairo, Egypt. It was established in 30 March 1915,[3] and until 1926, it was published three times a week, before becoming a daily published on weekdays. In 1923, it became an official organ of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutyun) in Egypt.[7][8][9] Some of the editors in chief of the paper were S. Bartevian, S Yesayan, V. Navasartian, K. Lazian, G. Goganyan, S Bayramian, and Z. Lylozian. Besides its coverage of the Armenian political, economic, social, and cultural scenes in Egypt, Armenia, and the Armenian diaspora, a number of renowned writers have published literary works in the paper, including Arpiar Arpiarian, Vahan Tekeyan, and Yervant Odian.

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