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House of Hope

Ms. Adrienne Krikorian, Founder & President; Mr. Movses Poghosyan

Dro Street, 22/5

0069 Yerevan


Մեր մասին

The main working core of the "House of Hope charity center" foundation are the devotees who were initiated by the honorary citizen of Yerevan Gerhard Mayer since 1994 and on the basis of unilateral humanitarian initiatives implemented under the auspices of the Baden-Württemberg territorial formation of the German Red Cross. Having received state registration on March 2017, the Foundation implements projects and initiatives aimed at easing social tension, being the continuing successor of the above activities. The aim of our activity is to support the improvement of the social and educational condition of RA citizens, the development of their professional abilities, the skills to act in emergency situations and the development of the culture of resilience in the country. The problems faced by the foundation get their complete solutions through the implemented charity projects. Currently, there are six of them: "Charity Kitchen", "Children's Food", "Home Care", " Healthy and Hopeful Childhood", "Support to 6 Day Care Centers of Berd Enlarged Community of Tavush Region" and "Social Immediate Aid". The foundation has a strong army of volunteers, sponsors and supporters who are always by its side, who spare no effort and energy together with our staff, do everything possible, holding out a hand and giving hope for a good day tomorrow to people who are in the shadow of life.

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