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Modern Art Museum of Yerevan

Ms. Nune Avetisyan, Director

7 Mesrop Mashtots Ave

0002 Yerevan


Մեր մասին

The Modern Art Museum of Yerevan is an art museum in Yerevan, Armenia. It is located on Mashtots Avenue at the central Kentron District of the capital city of Armenia.The museum was founded in 1972 by the efforts of the painter Henrik Igityan, who was the director of the museum for 37 years and a supporter of then-mayor of Yerevan Grigor Hasratyan.HistoryThe Modern Art Museum of Yerevan was the first to specialize in contemporary and modern art in the Soviet Union. The first exposition consisted of works from the 1960s, created by artists who originated from Armenia and the Armenian Diaspora. These artists include Minas Avetisian, Ashot Hovhannisian, Martin Petrosian, Hakob Hakobian, Gayane Khachaturian, Vruyr Galstian, Henry Elibekyan, Robert Elibekyan, Harutyun Galents, Rudolf Khachatrian, and Ashot Bayandour. The museum currently displays many pieces from this exposition, which were kept as donations from the artists.The museum grew when the following generation of artists added their works in the 1980s: Sargis Hamalbashian, Artur Sargsian, Ararat Sargisian, Marine Dilanian, Albert Hakobian, Samvel Baghdasarian, Arevik Arevshatian, Ruben Grigorian, Kamo Nigarian, Armen Gevorgian, Tigran Matulian, Teni Vardanian, Gabriel Manoukian, Nina Kchemchyan and Ayvaz Avoyan.

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