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Nairian Cosmetics Store & Laboratory

Anahit Markosian, Co-Founder

3rd., Bldg. 6

2403 Aragyugh village, Kotayk

+37441445442; +17472720802

Մեր մասին

Nairian was founded by a family and has grown into a flourishing local business. Our home is in the highlands of Armenia, a small country full of sunshine and nutrient-rich volcanic soil that enhance our locally-sourced ingredients. Because we care about the earth’s future, Nairian operates on a sustainable farm that supports a small village with jobs and agricultural development. To ensure the highest quality, we grow our ingredients organically and monitor the production process from seed to bottle. At Nairian, we believe beauty shouldn’t compromise health—for our customers or the planet—so we never put parabens, sulfates, harmful chemicals, or artificial dyes in our products. The world is fraught with difficult choices, which is why we created Nairian to be an easy investment in something positive for our customers, small communities, and the environment.

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