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Pan Armenian Games



Մեր մասին

The idea of ​​holding Pan-Armenian sports games was born back in 1987-1988, when certain reforms in the USSR inspired hope that it would be possible to invite representatives of various Armenian public, sports organizations and parties of the Diaspora to Armenia. It is true that they organized their intra-party sports, and the Armenian Charity General Union organized the Navasard Games, but it was obvious that the holding of sports games in Yerevan with the participation of all parties would greatly contribute to the strengthening of homeland-diaspora ties, and the youth of the diaspora getting to know the homeland more closely. Today, the Pan-Armenian World Games Committee is a prestigious public organization that cooperates with the Council of Europe, the International Olympic Committee, UNESCO, the World European Movement of Fair Play and other international sports bodies. The World Committee is officially registered by the RA Ministry of Justice, has a legal status, charter, regulations, governing bodies and regularly holds its General Assemblies and Executive Committee meetings in Armenia and abroad.

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