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Profil Pipeworks L. Tzirakian S.A.

Aris Tzirakian, President of the Board; Lymparet A, Tzirakian, Vice president & CEO

56th kilometer of the National Road from Athens to Lamia

32011 Oinofyta, Viotia


Մեր մասին

PROFIL PIPEWORKS L TZIRAKIAN S.A. was founded in 1964 by Lybarit Tzirakian and has been operating as a public company since 1967, having as a primary activity the industrial production of various types of steel pipes. It has been operating in its current legal form, being a public company since 1967. Today, almost 60 years since being founded, the company’s vision is the continuous empowerment of its position, not only in the Greek marketplace, but also worldwide, by providing products of the highest certified quality. The company’s headquarters have been stationed at Oinofyta Voiotias since 1967, on a privately owned area of over 80000 square meters, while owning 20000 square meters of covered space on the premises for its production, trading, distribution, storage, and offices. The company’s primary activity is the importation, production, processing and trading of steel products, such as construction pipes (hot and cold rolling) and galvanized pipes, as well as the production of steel sheets and strips, with a catalogue of more than 250 different types of products. Through its many years, well established presence in the industry, the company aims to continuously enrich its portfolio with new products, such as beams and merchant bars of all types. The products that the company traditionally produces, combined with the products that are continuously developed through its research and development department, cover a wide variety of applications in the construction industry. Profil Pipeworks L Tzirakian S.A.’s constant goal is to invest in always upgrading its mechanical equipment, with a focus on improving its working conditions and minimizing its energy footprint. The company’s most important aspect is their workforce, with constant efforts at evolving it, as well as increasing the employment positions.

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