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Proshyan Brandy Factory

Ashot Gasparyan, Owner

2a, Ashtarak Highway

0088 Yerevan


Մեր մասին

Traditions of Armenian winemaking date back thousands of years, but the world-famous Armenian cognac appeared at the end of the XIX century. The unique climate in the Ararat valley and the high quality of the local grapes ensured the quick development of the Armenian brandy industry. In Soviet times, many brandy factories in Armenia had no right to spill their products, so they sent them to the Yerevan Brandy Company, which had the exclusive right to represent Armenian brandy to the world. Already in 1995, two friends purchased a small plant remaining from Soviet times and began producing sparkling wine. Soon it became the largest company in the field of Armenian cognac production, whose activity is based on trust, loyalty and, of course, national values. All this tells us about a simple truth: all roads lead to Proshyan Brandy Factory. In all three laboratories of the factory, specialists watch over the smallest details and characteristics, strictly following the Armenian traditions of producing cognac and wine.

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