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Sevana Salmasi

Singer & Trainer

Laubeplatz 3/2

1100 Wien


Մեր մասին

Hello! I am a professional opera singer, vocal pedagogue and piano teacher. I have a Master's degree in solo singing from the University of Music in Vienna. I have also completed doctoral studies in vocal pedagogy and solo singing at the University of Southern California. I have taught a vocal class at the University of Southern California from 2011 to 2013, training opera, pop and musical singers. Since 2014 I have been living in Vienna and working as a professional opera and concert singer, alongside that I run my own vocal and piano studio which is located in the 10th district in Vienna. I teach singing and playing the piano (note writing, note reading, note playing and composing). My vocal students are prepared for auditions, recording exams, competitions and concerts. We work on breathing techniques, repertoire selection, vocal range and performance anxiety. I teach opera singers, pop singers, as well as musical singers. My piano students learn not only how to play the piano, but also how to read and play music, as well as how to compose their own music. With that I offer you a complete musical education.

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