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The St Peter and St Paul Armenian Catholic Church of Gdansk

Prelate Father Cezary Annusewicz

Żabi Kruk 3 Street

80-822 Gdansk


Մեր մասին

The church of St Peter and St Paul is an example of Gothic ecclesiastical architecture.Its distinguishing feature is the architectural form of the structure, unique among all other churches in Gdańsk - featuring a monumental front and a squat tower with a gable roof, its design reminiscent of that of a fortified castle. The history of the building reflects the religious heterogeneity of the population of Gdańsk over the centuries, the church having served as a Catholic, Lutheran, Calvinist, Old Catholic and Armenian Catholic temple during the various stages of its life. The post-war struggle for the reconstruction of the building and for restoring the religious function thereof provides an excellent insight into the relationship between the Catholic Church and the communist authorities at that time.

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