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Today Trading

Boghos Boghosian

Logistikstrasse 7 / GZ2 Halle B Top, 6+7

2201 Hagenbrunn


Մեր մասին

Today Trading Company was established in 2020. We started importing Arabic coffee, currently we offer a wide range of products. We own many exclusive brands, which means that we guarantee the lowest prices. Our target groups are - wholesale and retail trade - catering companies - clubs. Today Trading Company imports its goods from all over the Middle East. Upon arrival at one of our warehouse locations, we check that the goods meet all requirements on the packaging. By working with permanent partners who consider quality to be the most important thing, we ensure that shipments are delivered as quickly as possible. Today Trading Company is continuously committed to ensuring food safety. All our products are manufactured in accordance with European legislation. By working with a HACCP manual and having analyses performed by accredited laboratories, we ensure that the safety of the products is guaranteed.

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