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Union of Armenians in Romania (UAR)

Varujan Vosganian & Varujan Pambuccian

Bd Carol I Nr. 43, Sector 2

020913 Bucharest


Մեր մասին

The Union of Armenians from Romania (UAR) was established on 25th January 1919, with the aim of helping the Armenian refugees that fled the Ottoman Empire after the Armenian Genocide in 1915. After the 1989 Romanian Revolution, the Armenian community got together and re-established the ‘Union of Armenians from Romania’. On 8th February 1990, through a court decision, the UAR was established as a legal entity with the aim of preserving the cultural and spiritual heritage, and promoting the interests of the Armenian community in Romania. Shortly after its re-birth, more branches of UAR opened across Romania.

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