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Vienna Styling

Nathalie Stiegler

Tiefer Graben 8-10/5 /36

1010 Wien


Մեր մասին

Many years of professional experience taught me that a self-confident, secure and correct appearance is expected and rewarded in all areas of the business world. I worked for various international companies for over fifteen years before I followed my passion and trained as a color and style consultant and make-up artist in 2002. Courses for make-up art, Arabistic make-up, lash style as well as the thread technique followed. This centuries old technique allows one to remove unwanted facial hair and shape "the perfect eyebrow". Finally, in 2009, the step into self-employment was taken. I realized my dream as a styling coach and professional lash stylist. There are many opportunities to highlight your beauty and inspire those around you, whether for an important business meeting, a job interview, a visit to the opera, a romantic dinner, a wedding or a party. Discover the magic of colors and fascinate your fellow men. I would like to assist you to a successful "appearance".

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