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Nikoghosyan Cultural Foundation

Lilit Hovhannisyan, Director

Saryan 19-21

0002 Yerevan


About us

In the art space of “Nikolay Nikoghosyan Cultural Foundation” are represented the sculptures, graphics and paintings of People’s artist of Armenian SSR, People’s artist of USSR, owner of State Prize of USSR, member of Russian Academy of arts, professor Nikolay Nikoghosyan (1918-2018). The “Nikolay Nikoghosyan Cultural Foundation” was founded by Master Nikoghosyan in 2018 and was opened as an art-space on August 2019. In addition to changing exhibitions, educational programs and concerts, lectures on Armenian and world art history are being held. Along with the works of the 20th century masters, works by contemporary Armenian artists are also on display.

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