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Yeremyan Projects

Davit Yeremyan · Director General, Chairman of the Board of Directors

8 Teryan Street



About us

The whole philosophy of Yeremyan Projects is in the motto “Work starts with a dream”, as any project idea is based on preserving the valuable and creating new, the dream of presenting Yerevan and Armenia in a colorful and diverse fashion. “Yeremyan Projects” unites the restaurant brands well-known by the residents of Yerevan and the guests of the Capital into one brand. ”Burgery”, Italian “Casa Nostra”, “Smoking Chef” steak house, “Livingston” haute cuisine restaurant, “Tavern Yerevan Riverside”, “Tavern Yerevan” and “Yerevan Shaurma” fast food chain are among them. On October 17, 2021 "Yeremyan Projects" company presented “Renommée” restaurant with conceptually new approach. “Renommée” is an exceptional restaurant offering haute cuisine to its guests. 

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