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"a bundle of arrows is harder to break than a single arrow!

Connection strengthens!"


Our Vision

Our Services

Our Team

The platform where service providers, entrepreneurs and institutions with an Armenian inspirational background are listed!

  • To link entrepreneurs and service providers with Armenian inspirational background, both nationally and internationally

  • To discover and connect potentials and competencies

  • To culturally promote the society/community

  • To improve the economic capacity

  • To strengthen the unity

  • To unite the different institutions and associations

  • To promote young people/professionals (internships, professional positions, etc.)

  • To connect people with one another and to facilitate the search for “something Armenian”.

You OFFER a service - our advantages:

  • Free online presence without fees!

  • Registration free of charge and without obligation!

  • Direct linking to websites of companies!

You are LOOKING for a service - our advantages:

  • Our website is public and free of charge for visitors!

  • Continuous update of newly registered service providers!

  • Easier search for branches, service providers and institutions!

The MIATSIR-Team consists of volunteer members based in Austria/Vienna. We strive to achieve a successful exchange of skills as well as business and cultural networking on a free basis! The community should be strengthened in positive ways.

Note: All designations are gender-neutral!


DOWNLOAD the MIATSIR Flyer as pdf:

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