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Product Manager


Paris, France

Job Type

Part Time

Industrial Sector



About the Job

As our Product Owner, you will be responsible for driving the product vision and strategy. You will collaborate closely with partners to define the roadmap and prioritize features. Additionally, you must ensure that development teams are focused on delivering value quickly while also maintaining quality standards.

You should have an understanding of user experience design principles as well as knowledge of software development processes in order to effectively lead projects from concept through launch.


  • creating user stories,

  • maintaining backlogs,

  • providing feedback on designs and prototypes,

  • conducting user research studies,

  • analyzing data from analytics tools like A/B testing or heat maps;

  • as well as setting priorities for feature releases

About the Company

As a product owner, you will be responsible for managing the development of products from concept to launch. You will work closely with developers to ensure that the product meets customer needs and business objectives. Ultimately your goal is to help create a successful product that meets customer expectations while maximizing value for the company.



Aram Avenue 109





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