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Arloopa Inc.

Arman Atoyan, Co-Founder & Chief Wizard

Movses Khorenatsi 26a, 5th Floor

0010 Yerevan


About us

ARLOOPA Inc. is an augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) app and game development company which provides advanced AR and VR services, such as: Cloud-based augmented reality services; Custom branded augmented reality app and game development; Virtual reality app and game development; 2D and 3D content creation. ARLOOPA uses augmented reality, image-recognition and computer vision technology to convert the real world into a content-rich, interactive experiences. We enable magic and blend new content into the user's real-life environment with Augmented Reality (AR) technology. When you try to discover the hidden content built into physical world around you, the App becomes your own AR magnifying glass.

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