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Armenian Business Network

Jack Antounian, Founder; Karina Demurchyan, Co-Founder

420 Harvard Street

02446 Brookline, MA


About us

Our goal is to inspire and encourage Armenians to support each other through shared learning and networking to achieve excellence in their professional, commercial, and community efforts. ABN was launched with the simple idea of connecting the very diverse Armenian professional community through quality online and offline networking. For years, it appeared that people preferred to socialize and do business in their sub-communities based on where they came from, their church or political party affiliations. It was overdue to create a stable platform where Armenians of all backgrounds and affiliations could meet and bond with their professional and personal connections. ABN has quickly grown from a few hundred local Boston professionals to an international business community of over 9000 members. Every new member makes this organization stronger, but the best way to truly leverage ABN is through one-to-one connections at one of our networking or workshop events, or online on the ABN's Facebook and LinkedIn platforms.

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