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Armenian Democratic Liberal Party (ALDP)

Michael Kharabian, Chairman of the Central Board

Koryun 7/11



About us

The Armenian Democratic Liberal Party (Armenian: Ռամկավար Ազատական Կուսակցութիւն), the Ramgavar Party, (known before 1921 as the Armenakan party) (Armenian: Արմենական Կուսակցութիւն), also known by its Armenian initials (Armenian: ՌԱԿ) or its English initials ADL (meaning Armenian Democratic Liberal) is an Armenian political party in the Armenian diaspora including the Middle East, Europe, the Americas and Australia. It was established in Constantinople in 1921 as a result of the unification of 3 political parties: the Armenakan Party, the Liberal Party of the Reformed Hunchakians, and the Constituent Democratic Party. The Armenakan Party was founded in 1885 by Mekertich Portukalian as part of the national movement in Van in the Ottoman Empire. Following the 2003 Armenian parliamentary elections, the party won 2.9% of the popular vote, failing to win any seats. Ever since, the party has lost complete influence in the political landscape of Armenia and currently acts as an extra-parliamentary force. However, the party continues its activities throughout the Armenian diaspora, as one of the three historic traditional parties of the diaspora.

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