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Armenian National Opera and Ballet Theatre

Andranik Arzumanyan, Director; Karen Durgaryan, Musical Director; Vilen Galstyan, Ballet Master

54 Tumanyan Street



About us

The pride of the Armenian nation, the Opera theatre, is located at the heart of the capital Yerevan. It is not simply a cultural structure, but an architectural masterpiece as well, whose creator is world-renowned Academician-Architect Alexander Tamanyan. It is not a coincidence that Tamanyan was honored first place in 1937 in Paris, during the world architecture exhibition. It is from here that rises every single of Armenia’s famous opera pieces, ballets, and colors from the stage. The newest cultural symbol of Armenia represents itself to us today in its complete form, with its classical beauty, grandiose stage, amphitheater with more than 1070 seats, as well as with its hallways. Armenia’s Opera Theatre’s curtain first opened on January 20 of 1933. The Armenian nation, that had 2000-year long history in theatre, managed to bring out to the world the peak of its era. It has become, for more than 90 years, the glory of our musical culture, and for the foreigners an opportunity to visit Armenia. Currently the Opera is living the best times of its existence yet. Many world-renowned starts, creators of ballet can be found on stage. At the same time, Armenia’s stars of opera and ballet can also be found on various international stages, by presenting both Armenian and other well-known works and pieces. Today Armenia’s Opera and Ballet Theatre is taking practical steps to enlarge its playlist of both Armenian and International opera and ballet masterpieces, with the goal of representing them on Armenian stage.

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