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Assembly of Armenians of Europe (Aaeurop)

Garo Hakopian Chairman

Cellovägen 113

75654 Uppsala


About us

The Assembly of Armenians of Europe was founded on 27 September 2003 as an NGO by representatives of various Armenian unions from 16 European countries. The main objectives of the Assembly of Armenians of Europe is to support Armenian Diaspora communities across Europe, increase dialogue between various communities, promote mutual understanding between Armenians and other peoples of Europe, promote European integration, develop relations between Armenian communities and the European Parliament, advocate for the recognition of the Armenian genocide and the self-determination of the Republic of Artsakh, and organize cultural and youth events. AAE activities are based on the principles of legality, equality, democracy, and friendship between peoples. AAE pursues charitable goals while not pursuing economic goals. The AAE remains an independent structure, regardless of religious or political affiliation.

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