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Euro-Armenian Games

Krom Boomssloot 22

1011GW Amsterdam

About us

The main objective of the EAG is to bring all the Diaspora Armenian athletes of the various European communities and organizations, regardless of their political and religious belongings, to an annual sports event, which takes place annually at Easter, except on those years when the Pan-Armenian Games take place. Along with the competition in the various sports arts and enhancing their athletic capabilities, the tournaments also intend to unite the Armenian athletes through sports, thereby enabling them to establish and renew friendly and social contacts, strengthen the cooperation between the various Armenian organizations and entities, contribute towards preserving the Armenian identity and heritage, as well as provide a very lively Armenian, traditional musical celebration. Armenian non-political organizations of European cities or countries take turn in hosting the EAG and submit their written applications for holding the events to the EAG Committee, twelve months prior to the date of the Games. The EAG Committee consists of representatives of various Armenian organizations, who were actively involved in the launching and the continuation of these traditional sports tournaments.

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