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Fonds Arménien de France 

Bédros Terzian, President

BP 12 - Cedex 14

75660 Paris


About us

Founded in 1993, and affiliated with the Hayastan Fund, which is based in Armenia, the Armenian Fund of France aims to build and renovate infrastructure essential to the socio-economic development of Armenia and Karabakh. The Armenian Fund's projects are carried out by local companies and thus also aim to create jobs. The Armenian Fund of France is a unitary and apolitical humanitarian association. By the number of its members and its contributors (around 20,000 households and professionals in France), it is representative of the Armenian Diaspora in France. In addition, the Armenian Fund of France works closely with French communities: cities, departments, regions, as well as with parliamentarians who support it financially and call on its skills to carry out projects on the ground, responding to their needs. requirements.

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