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Football Federation of Armenia

Armen Melikbekyan, President

Khanjyan St., 27 Building

0010 Yerevan


About us

Armenia's official football history began in the early 1990s, but its traditions with the sport dates back further. The collapse of the Soviet Union and Armenia's declaration of independence in 1991 were significant moments in the country's sporting development, as well as in its political history. From a footballing perspective, those events prompted the founding, on 18 January 1992, of the Football Federation of Armenia. The Federation organizes the Armenian Premier League, the Armenian First League, the Armenian Super Cup, the Armenian Independence Cup, and the Armenian Futsal Premier League. It is responsible for appointing the management of the Armenia national football team, and the Armenia women's national football team. The Armenia national futsal team is also managed by the Federation. The FFA was awarded a synthetic football turf pitch by FIFA through its GOAL programme

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