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Hagop Goudsouzian

Filmmaker, Producer, Director

Toronto, Ontario

About us

Hagop Goudsouzian is the producer and director of over 250 mainstream Television programs, 10 Armenian films and three shorts. Apricot Armenian Gold (with Subtitles), Apricot Armenian Gold (with English Voices), Armenian Minstrels, Armenian Echoes (three part mini-series), Armenian Exile (also narrated). Hagop directed and narrated the feature length documentary My Son Shall Be Armenian and Mon fils sera arménien produced by the National Film Board of Canada. He also produced and directed several shorts, A Taste of Armenia, on the famous Goom's Market of Yerevan, free on some DVDs and Blu-rays. Recently Goudsouzian released UPROOTED (also narrated), Part three of his "Armenian Trilogy."

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