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Juan Carlos Sungurlian

Juan Carlos Sungurlian

Anton-Jandl-Weg 16

8042 Graz

+43 6767871832

About us

Juan Carlos Sungurlian was born in Montevideo/Uruguay/SOUTH AMERICA and is both classical and jazz guitarist, oud (oriental lute) and bouzouki (Greek string instrument). His own multicultural background is probably the reason for his passionate interest in many different cultures and traditions. He is a profound connoisseur of traditional South American music – especially from Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil. He began his musical training at the mandolin at the age of 5 with Prof. Hagop Sarkissian, later he devoted himself to the classical and jazz guitar. The artist is also very interested in other traditional string instruments: bouzouki, oud-oriental lute, and he looks for every opportunity to explore them further.

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