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Knights and Daughters of Vartan

Hunan Arshakian, Gohar Palyan

1 Amiryan

0018 Yerevan


About us

The Knights of Vartan Inc. (Վարդանանց Ասպետներ) is a non-political, non-sectarian, non-denominational fraternal organization established in 1916 in the USA that encourages its members to take leadership roles in cultural, educational, religious, and charitable organizations on the local, national and international level for the betterment of Armenians worldwide. The Knights of Vartan emphasizes patriotism, discipline, and knightly virtues, in order to strengthen the fabric of national life. The primary objectives of the Knights of Vartan are to create a spirit of brotherhood and cooperation among Armenians and to instill the principles of charity, justice, noble character and good citizenship.

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