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KOHAR Library

Kapriel Semerjian & Christine Torossian

P.O. Box 17-5511, 243 Nahr Street Bank of Beirut Bldg., 5th Floor

1104 2050 Beirut


About us

KOHAR Library is specialized in Armenian Songbooks and Dictionaries. It holds over 2.400 Armenian songbooks, over 500 dictionaries, in addition to over 1.000 books on eye-witnesses of the Armenian Genocide, the Kingdom of Cilicia and Armenian manuscripts. The oldest book in the library dates back to 1633. The Library houses over 3.500 music LP-s, cassettes, CD-s, and DVD-s. The library is open to the public, allowing Armenian music enthusiasts to search for and choose desired songs, and take copies gratis. The library is associated to KOHAR Symphony Orchestra and Choir, which performs All Time Armenian Favourites. This was founded in 1997 as an independent musical and cultural institution in Gyumri, Armenia by Armenian culture patron, Harout Khatchadourian of Lebanon, who along with his brothers, Shahe and Nar Khatchadourian, entirely sustains the activities of KOHAR. During the course of its more than 20-year existence with concerts all over the Armenian Diaspora, KOHAR under the waving flags of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia, has become an important cornerstone in the unique musical rendition of Armenian alphabet and culture, bringing its share in preserving the Armenian heritage for future generations.

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