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Mekhitarist Fathers' School - Rawda

Father Nareg Goriun Leo Jenanian - Executive Director

St Lazar Park, Saint Rita Monastery


+96181433257; +9611683458

About us

Mekhitarist Fathers School places the learner at the core of its mission and seeks to assist them to reach its maximum potential, be nourished with faith in God, and believing in the self. Using our various teaching methodologies whether through physical presence, online or hybrid, we train learners to lead the future. We offer them hands on work and career guidance, as well as help them relate school learnings to life situations. The school takes into consideration the wellbeing of learners through character education and psychological support to learners and families. Our digital learners Think Globally, and Act Locally, in their community, to become change makers of the third millennium. We train learners to serve their community and grow to lead the future.

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