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Musikhaus Berg

Berg Seraydarian


1080 Wien


About us

We offer harp, guitar, violin, lute, accordion, electric guitar, harpsichord, digital piano, children's instruments, tuning fork, tuners, metronome, aoud, concert guitar, amplifier, sheet music, percussion, music stand, music stand lamp, music stand, keyboard, keyboard stand, cello, mandolin, Zither, contraguitar, double bass, piano stool, piano bench, wooden music stand, kantele, stringed psaltery, spinet, glockenspiel, xylophone, panpipe, ocarina, recorder, transverse flute, treble recorder, tenor recorder, bass recorder, shakuhachi, koto. Salvi, Sandner, Zen-On, Hohner, Mxr, Fender, Shure, Wittner, Hofner, Alhambra, Casio, Goldon, Career, Artisan, Seiko, Dunlop, Bow Brand, Pirastro, Thomastik, D'Addario, Pyramid, Hannabach, König & Mayer

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