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My Way Socio-Habilitation, Educational, Vocational Training Day Care Center (Autism National Fund)

Dr. Lilit Atajanyan, Director

Nor Nork 6 zangvac, Gyurjan 13

0056 Yerevan

+37491422505; +37412213011

About us

Autism National Foundation Armenia was established in 2012 on the basis of “MY WAY” Socio-Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Day Care Center for Children and Teenagers with Autism founded in 2006. The center was established by 2 mothers of children with autism, they brought in the most advanced and internationally recognized methodology and foreign expertise. Since the commencement of services, the exemplary base of trained specialists has grown from 5 to over 70 professionals, the number of beneficiaries over last 15 years has grown from 6 children to 200 beneficiaries, age 1.5 to 30+ y.o. Our mission is to increase public awareness of the problems of people with autism, to provide highest standard services to people with autism in loving, safe and open-minded environment, to contribute to their development, to facilitate and support their life and the life of their family members, to enable them to feel appreciated, to provide quality past-time opportunities, to engage in meaningful activities, to contribute to the revealing of their individual capabilities and talents and to becoming valid society members. 

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