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Ordination Dr.Boh

Dr. Arthur Bohdjalian

Kärtnerstrasse 7/4

1010 Wien


About us

Specialist for General Surgery and Visceral Surgery in Vienna: We want you to stay healthy! Good and professional preventive care is therefore essential. In this area, our focus is on performing gastroscopies and colonoscopies. In the field of general surgery, we often perform hemorrhoid operations (LHP), treat inguinal hernias, remove gallbladders or take care of ingrown toenails. In the field of bariatric surgery / overweight surgery, we offer various treatment options if traditional weight loss attempts have not yet brought the desired success. Depending on the case, a gastric balloon, a gastric bypass, a stomach tube or a gastric band may be considered. Should we need to consult specialists from other fields, we work exclusively with the best experts in their field. This is the guarantee for our work. Only this way can we ensure that you receive the best possible treatment. In the field of general surgery, obesity surgery as well as preventive care, we are your competent partner in Vienna.

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