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Science and Technology Angels Network (STAN)

Ruben Osipyan, CEO; Igor Khalatyan, Co-founder, Chairman of the Board


About us

From the high-tech heritage of the past to the cutting edge innovations of tomorrow, STAN is empowering a transformation that is seeing Armenia reclaim its innovative potential – by identifying and nurturing the most promising tech ventures with the most prospects for positive outcomes for founders, investors, Armenia, and the world. Armenia’s renowned Soviet era high-tech ecosystem and talent led to the development of one of the most dynamic industries of independent Armenia - the Information and Communication Technologies sector. In 20 years the industry matured from just a few companies to hundreds of software development outsourcing providers that raised Armenia’s profile as a tech hub. But the time came to shift focus from outsourced services to investing in native R&D and locally developed technology solutions that would have the most impact globally. The only thing lacking was funding, informed strategic advice, and the courage for untested waters.

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