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Shirak Tours

Alexan Ter-Minasyan, CEO

Haghtanaki allee 25

3104 Gyumri


Alexan Ter-Minasyan, Managing Director

About us

At SHIRAK TOURS, people are the focus. Our travel offers are aimed at groups and individual travelers and are accompanied by professional tour guides and experts. The tours are based on the interests of our visitors. We offer this themed trip in the areas of archaeology, architecture, art, as well as nature and traditional Armenian cuisine and music. These areas of interest can also be combined. Our travel routes take you through classical (modern) Armenia, but our paths also take you in a combination with Armenia to Karabakh, Georgia and to Lake Van in eastern Turkey, the former western Armenia. History - culture - art, bridges from the past to the present, paths to the future. Experience history, get to know people, understand history, that's how SHIRAK TOURS understands its task.

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