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Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia

Zaruhi Muradyan, Executive Director

5 Mher Mkrtchyan Street

0010 Yerevan


About us

Millennia of testimonies of Armenian wine-centred culture are all over the country. The sound scientific data in the Areni-1 cave complex, many millennia-old wine presses, jars and karases (Armenian clay vessels), charred remnants of grape seeds, cuneiform inscriptions of the Araratian Kingdom era, testimonies of neighbours and much more evidence prove that Armenia is the cradle of winemaking and viticulture. The Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia was established in 2016 by the decision of the RA Government for the efficient and coordinated development of the sector, as well as for the introduction of new strategies of state policy and developmental programs. Preserving over 6100-year-old Armenian winemaking traditions, Armenia’s rich culture and historical heritage are nowadays combined with excellent opportunities for development of viticulture and winemaking, climatic conditions, rich diversity of grape varieties, modern technologies and scientific potential, strengthening the basis of sustainable development of the sector.

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