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Zartonk Daily Newspaper

Sevag Hagopian, Editor

Nahr Ibrahim Street, Tekeyan Center, 2nd Floor

Gemmayze, Beirut

+9613824833; +9611444225

About us

Zartonk (Armenian: Զարթօնք) is a daily newspaper and the official organ of the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party (ADL) in Lebanon, (also known as Ramgavar Party). The paper was founded by Mihran Damadian and Parounag Tovmassian in Beirut on 26 September 1937, and is based in the Tekeyan Centre in Jemayze, Beirut. Both were high-ranking officials in ADL. The Armenian renowned writer Vahan Tekeyan remains one of the most prominent figures that contributed to the paper and its first editor-in-chief. After Tekeyan moving to Cairo, Kersam Aharonian took the editing becoming the paper's longest standing editor and writer for 33 consecutive years. Zartonk is now published as a paper and in an online format.

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