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Zatik Child Assistance Center (SNCO)

Angin Arshakyan, Director

145/2 Zakaria Kanakertsi Street

0091 Yerevan

+37491881701; +37411283730

About us

Founded in 1995, he main aim of the project is the work with children-orphans, to provide educational activities and to prepare them for an independent life. Involving international volunteers will be a great opportunity for this project as the children learn about the culture and traditions of foreign countries. The presence of an international volunteer will enrich the program offered to the orphans. The discussions with the children on different subjects will be more interesting in getting to know other beliefs and points of view. Orphans, more than other children, need care, help and education, to become good members of society in future. The volunteer together with the educators will be involved in the organization of different cultural programs, where children will learn to paint, sculpture, sing and dance; they will also learn some basic abilities in theatre, art and pantomime.

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